Get the crew cut

Fans of Jenna Lyons’ fashion brand J Crew might want to be sitting down for this. The much-loved American label has announced its plans to expand into the UK market with an e-commerce store.

Years have we spent cooing over the effortlessly stylish J Crew looks on high powered ladies including Michelle Obama and Anna Wintour (in her tennis-watching downtime) and planning our next trip to the USA, armed with several enormous empty suitcases to stock up. Suffice to say we’re a little excited. And, says Lyons, once the brand has an idea of the British consumer’s wants and needs, through the e-commerce site, there may be plans afoot to open some actual real physical stores. You know, those places with people and glass windows, where you can touch stuff and ride escalators.

Lyons tells Vogue: ‘We'd love to open stores in the UK, I'm absolutely champing at the bit to do it!. We have a trip planned soon to look at locations’ she explained, ‘hopefully we'll be able to learn a lot from the UK ecommerce launch - what the UK customer wants. We know a little already - because British customers often shop in our stores in New York and elsewhere and then have the goods shipped back to the UK - but this will definitely help.’

J Crew really hit the global fashion radar when Michelle Obama wore it for her husband’s inauguration. Since then it has continued to grow, selling to a private equity firm in 2010 for a whopping $2billion.

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