Should you or shouldn't you get a fringe?

Fringes are back and they're bigger than ever. Whether you're hankering after a retro sixties look or trendy, eye-skimming bangs, a fringe can dramatically transform your whole look. If you are unsure about whether or not to take the plunge and get a fringe, read on as we weigh up the pros and cons...

Pro: Fringes can look great on all face shapes

Once there was a common consensus that fringes could only be worn well on women with oval shaped faces. However, this is simply not true. Square shaped faces, round faces, heart shaped faces, rectangular faces and triangular faces can all get fringes and look great. The trick is to get a flattering fringe.

For example, ladies with small round faces should avoid heavy fringes which will overpower their features. A light side fringe is much more flattering.

Likewise, ladies with square faces should opt for a graduated, crescent shaped fringe rather than a straight cut one, which can be too blunt for their features.

Your stylist should be able to advise on what type of fringe would suit you best.

Con: Fringes require maintenance

You just can't get away with being lazy when you have a fringe. They need to be washed every day, they need to be styled even when the rest of your hair is left au natural, and they need to be trimmed regularly.

Because it is often the first thing that people notice about you, your fringe should also be healthy and shiny. It takes work and effort to accomplish this!

Pro: It's not forever

Think you'd like to get a fringe but worried that you won't be happy with the result? It's just hair - it will grow back! If you're unhappy with the results you can pin it back and grow it out, and often this takes less time than you might think.

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