Attention traders! Gessy Bags are open for business

If you're just a regular, run of the mill consumer like the rest of us, then you'll probably not be familiar with the name Gessy Bags, however for those who work in the industry, particularly those who own retail outlets, they are fast becoming one of the names to watch. Not only do they have their own growing brand under the same name (Gessy Bags), but they are also the sole distributor of both the LYDC and Anna Smith brands throughout the UK and Ireland, making them one of the most desirable companies out there to start doing business with.

They have a wealth of experience in the fashion business, and believe that their job is to help expose fashion consumers throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland to the freshest and most innovative of new brands, leading the way for retailers throughout the country.

They have already built up a strong reputation among their customers with their excellent customer support and insider knowledge of exactly what is happening in the fashion industry, from the ones to watch to the movers and shakers right through to the forthcoming trends for future seasons and they show absolutely no signs of stopping.

They are now the largest handbag importer and wholesaler in the United Kingdom with their headquarters based out of a 32,000 square foot warehouse in Cheetham Hill in Manchester, an area known as the one of the most important places in the fashion trading scene in the United Kingdom.

Offering more than five hundred styles of handbags, evening bags, purses and accessories, there are few companies who can come close to the variety on odder from Gessy Bags, so if you're a retailer and you like the sound of them, be sure to check out their official website at www.gessy.co.uk for more information, as well as contact details and ordering instructions.

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