Geri gets tough on Bluebell wobblers

The right way to rear a child is one of those thorny issues that noone really knows the answer to. So we were happy to see even Luxury Celebrity Mothers forget themselves sometimes and give their littl'uns a good clip round the ear when they think noone's looking.

Well not exactly. More like Geri Halliwell's daughter Bluebell Madonna chucked an embarrassing toddler strop at an airport yesterday and Geri.....Picked. Her. Up.

Not exactly the most explosive parenting technique we've ever seen, but to give Geri her dues - at least she gave her delicate woodland flower short thrift for whining instead of letting her get away with Bluebell-murder.

In fact something makes us suspect Geri runs a pretty tight ship over at Casa di Halliwell. Will Flipz be able to tow the line - or will Geri soon be sending him to the naughty corner?

With that dress sense he must be already there!

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