Galliano strife

The tide of public opinion might be turning back towards Galliano, after the Sunday Times published a salacious but sympathetic article about the death of his long-time assistant Steven Robinson. Robinson worked with the designer for over 20 years, but died of a drug overdose in 2007. This tragic event has been blamed by many of those close to Galliano for his subsequent breakdown and arrest for anti-Semitic behaviour.

Seck's barrister told Vogue, 'There is a great deal to this entire case which has never been discussed publicly. My client was supplying cocaine to some of the biggest names in Paris, including Mr Robinson. Many other public figures were also using his services. It smacks of a major cover-up. In countries like Britain it would be impossible for someone to be killed by a cocaine dealer without anybody knowing about it - but that's what happened in this case. The reputation of both Galliano and Dior would have been sullied if this had been made public, as would the names of numerous important public figures who bought drugs from Seck.'

The Sunday Times article recounted how close the relationship was between Galliano and Robinson, alleging that after his assitant's death, the designer's mental health was affected, 'Before Steven Robinson died, I was told, sometimes when Galliano was very anxious and alone Robinson would go and sleep at the end of his bed. Perhaps they both derived some comfort and protection from that. It isn't hard to imagine how the loss of Robinson must have hit him.'

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