Get Attention with Funky Hair Accessories

Funky hair accessories can be used to create offbeat, unconventional looks that cause wearers to stand out on their own or in a crowd. Hair accessories with qualities that take them over the top and into the realm of funky include those that are oversized, have bold patterns or colours, or feature unique embellishments; including grommets, feathers or faux hair.

Funky hair decorations can add personality to otherwise understated outfits. An all black outfit can be slimming and professional or appropriate for wearing out on the town, but it can also be a yawn. Adding a funky hair accessory with a black and white checkerboard pattern, red ribbon details and black feathers adds interest to this look.

Funky hair decorations also work well with outfits that are already out there. Some bold outfits call for bold accessories that won't get lost in the mix. Funky hair accessories work well with coloured denim, either in contrast with the denim or with a hint of a matching colour that ties the outfit and accessories together. Using contrasting colours also creates eye-catching looks. As an alternative to accessorising by colour, using unifying themes, such as western, retro or whimsical can make outfits and funky accessories coordinate.

Wearers of funky hair accessories risk appearing too costumed – but using high quality accessories and keeping on top of trends can help them avoid looks best left for Halloween. Regardless, wearing funky accessories takes confidence, so why not go all out? After all, adding funky hair accessories to outfits creates interest for ordinary wear or adds interest to already funky wardrobes.

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