Frumpy and boring

It just goes to show, no matter how many times you namecheck a designer in your film, it won't stop her from publicly slagging it off. Vivienne Westwood has described the Sex and The City movie as 'boring,' and 'not very fashionable'. In fact the film bored Lady Westwood so much that she waltzed out of the premiere after the opening credits. “I thought Sex and the City was supposed to be about cutting-edge fashion and there was nothing remotely memorable or interesting about what I saw. I went to the premiere and left after ten minutes.”

We can understand where Westwood was coming from. Fashion wise, Patricia Fields (SATC costume designer) danced a safe fandango. From Carrie's giant flower dress, to Miranda's purple puss in boots with jodphurs, Samantha's flourescent two pieces and Charlotte's sensible polkadots, there was nothing that got our fashion radar buzzing. However if the point of the SATC wardrobe is that it reflects the ostentation and absurdity of the high fashion circles that the girls mix in, then it does what it says on the tin. Not everyone wants to walk around in blazing orange Guantanemo Bay pants Viv.

Check out Vivienne admitting she's never even watched an episode of SATC. Traitor.

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