Check out this great deal on the new Fred Perry mountain parka jacket

There can be little doubt the Fred Perry have really upped their game in the last few years, offering a much higher quality of clothing than ever before. In previous years it could be said that many of their items, while well made, lacked a little something to make them really stand aside from the crowd. And in many cases, very little of what they offered really seemed to offer value for money when compared to other items on the market.

Thankfully that doesn't seem to be the case any more, especially when it comes to their jackets. Parkas never really went out of style, but it's always refreshing to see it when someone like Fred Perry puts out a brand new design with a fresh take on the old classic look.

That's exactly what they've done with the Fred Perry mountain parka jacket. It certainly retains the classic look, but adds a certain amount of unique style to it, mainly because of the rugged buttons and well placed, roomy pockets. The outer body is composed of one hundred per cent nylon material, while the internal body lining is one hundred per cent cotton, allowing the jacket to not only keep in the heat when needed, but also to breathe when things get a little warmer making it the ideal all season jacket.

Depending on the colour you're after, the cost can vary quite a bit. We found the dark green version (which is far and away our favourite) at www.debenhams.com (item number 0750103349) for just £45, representing a massive saving of £80 on the regular price. However thing's aren't quite as keenly priced when it comes to the black version with brown buttons. www.scottsonline.co.uk offer the best price in that particular version at £124.99, which although a disappointment for anyone who prefers it to the far cheaper dark green jacket, is still great value for money thanks to the rugged design and durable materials used.

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