Pick up a Fred Perry 100 anniversary tipped polo for less

Born in Stockport in Cheshire in 19099, Fred Perry was a three times winner of the prestigious Wimbledon tennis tournament in England, and the last male British tennis player to win any of tennis's Grand Slam tournaments. The fact that a tennis player could go on to create his own fashion line was unheard of in the 1940's when Perry was credited with the invention of the sweatband - although it was created by making a few changes to an antiperspirant device made by Tibby Wegner, a professional Australian footballer who approached Perry with his idea for a device work around the wrist to minimise problems with facial sweat during games.

Perry's longest lasting non-sports related legacy came in 1952, when he launched the very first Fred Perry sports shirt, a simple yet extremely eye-catching white t-shirt with short sleeves and a button collar made from white cotton.

Since then Perry has sadly passed away, his death coming in 1995 at the age of 85, but his clothing line is stronger than ever. Although it is now owned by a Japanese corporation, Fred Perry still maintains the same desire for elegance and quality that made it such a success in the earlier days.

Released in 2009 to mark the 100th anniversary of Perry's birth, the Fred Perry 100 Anniversary tipped polo is a classic t-shirt bearing all the hallmarks of that famous first t-shirt from all those years ago. The traditional laurel crest has been enlarged specially for this t-shirt, and adorns the right breast, while the collar and sleeves feature green piping to add a little variation to the design.

Originally priced at £59.99, this incredibly smart and sophisticated t-shirt can now be bought from www.scottsonline.co.uk for just £29.99, but act fast as stocks won't last forever, and it's a long wait until the 200th anniversary!

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