Follow the '70s style make-up trend

Since ‘70s inspired fashion is being reprised by a growing number of designers this season, with flared pants, high wasted wide-legged trousers and jumpsuits that are making their way back on the runways, so why not also follow the make-up trend of that decade?

70s make-up got rid of heavy foundations and dark lipsticks, and concentrated on natural and glowing skin- it became fashionable to sport a healthy and slightly tanned look -, so bronzers were also quite popular to achieve that sun kissed effect.

Much of the make-up emphasis was placed on the eyes, playing them up with false eyelashes, bold eyeliner to create the cat-eye look, but strangely enough no mascara was ever used.

Pearlescent eye shadows were very trendy, but also bright blue eye shadow, that accompanied those glittery halter tops, hot pants look, for a little of that Saturday Night Fever disco dancing.

Since the eyes drew all the attention, subtle lips ruled the decade, and they were coated with transparent or iridescent lip gloss, but frosted lipsticks were also popular and were usually found in light shades of peach or pink, while red shades were not at all groovy.

To achieve the natural and nude look of the ‘70s today, for an evening out, apply a light liquid base or a tinted moisturizer so your skin tone appears even.

If you want to use a bright blue or green eye shadow just apply it on your eyelid and up to the crease and no higher or else you can look tacky, but if you use a pearlescent color you can take it higher and diffuse it towards the brow, but not all the way up.

Use a black eyeliner along the upper lid and take it a little beyond the outside of the lid so your look will be more dramatic. If you don’t want to use fake eyelashes, use black mascara both on the top and bottom lashes for definition, rather than length.

The lips are easy, just a apply a transparent or pale colored lip gloss, and voilà your 70’s look is complete.

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