Fluorescent bikinis - make a style statement!

Fluorescent bikinis hit the stores in spring time every year but they're not always the first choice when buying swimwear.

Hot pink, orange, lime green and an eye watering blue offer a sexy backdrop for tanned limbs but as we live in an unpredictable climate, being tanned is not always an option!

Neon colours are also slimming which is something many women overlook and instead buy yet another swimsuit in safe black! Coming out from your comfort zone is good and trying new styles can prove to be beneficial.

Bikini shopping online can be a fun way to invest in some new fashion forward beachwear and sites like swimkitten offer a comprehensive range of fluorescent swimwear that won't break the bank. Pink and yellow are 2 colours that suit almost everyone.

If you're hesistant about buying a full neon coloured bikini, then invest in one bright piece and balance it with black. This creates a block colour effect and is also a hot trend this summer.

Ebay offers a good starting point for swimwear shopping and has many bikinis, tankinis and monokinis only a click away. Fluorescent bikinis can be accessorised with hats and sexy jewellery when you're not planning on actually swimming or you can get wraps and cover ups in contrasting colours if you really want to stand out from the crowd!

Summer is all about fun and fluorescent bikinis are certainly that! The high street is full of them, River Island currently has a ruffled pink bikini for £25 so what are you waiting for!

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