Summer Fun, Winter Style: Flower Hair Bands

Flower hair bands really made a statement this spring and summer, but it doesn’t have to end there. Cooler days are on the way and with them come cooler flower hair bands to get you through the holiday season. So don’t give up wear flowers in the hair just yet, take a page from the celebrity hairstylists’ handbook and switch up materials and colours to go with the changing season.

Play It Down

It is always fun to wear flowers in the hair. But with summer almost gone, wearing a spring or summery flower head band may not go with your autumn/winter wardrobe.

Instead of foregoing flowers altogether, play the flower down a bit with just a single, simple elegant flower. Try a simple beige leather daisy with a rhinestone centre for an autumn flower hair band that would be perfect for the office or on a date.

Another simple yet classic look is the flower hair bands with a row of buds. Small little buds in red or white on an elastic hair band look perfect on the crown or across the forehead Bohemian style.

Dress it up

Flower hair bands became so popular because the bold, colourful, oversized flowers look so good with a spring dress or summer beachwear. But with the holiday season coming up and all the parties you will be invited to, an oversized flower head band is what you need.

Ditch the spring and pastel colours and opt for crystal blue and gold or black and red oversized orchids to create gorgeous holiday hair. A big single corsage also looks heavenly in black or a bold fuchsia colour to go with your holiday dress.

Think Simple

No one said flower hair bands had to be big and flashy to make a statement. For an elegant look, consider choosing an embroidered flower hair band. Delicate embroidered flowers with a metallic centre add a touch of glamour for those special occasions.

You could go even simpler and just choose a hair band that is flowered. Stick with a thin band to keep the look simple yet charming and pair it with a solid coloured holiday dress.


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