Wedding Attire: Flower Girl Hair Accessories

Flower girls are the first wedding party members to walk down the aisle during a ceremony. Young flower girls may get out of step or forget to distribute petals along the way, but if they do no one minds. The exuberance of flower girls sets the stage for a happy event. Although brides and grooms can't control potential missteps, they can control wardrobe selection - right down to smallest details. Flower girl hair accessories can complement child-sized formal dresses and add a touch of glamour or quaint charm.

Hair decorations featuring flowers or floral designs are an obvious choice for use as flower girl hair accessories. Accessories with flowers or floral designs that match the bridal bouquets, decorations or wedding colours can give the wedding a cohesive, highly polished look. Floral headbands or crowns, clips with floral designs and grips with floral beaded patterns all make appropriate accessories for flower girls.

Alternatively, flower girl hair decorations can pick up their inspiration from wedding décor but depart from the flower theme. Versions of the bride, maid of honour or bridesmaid hair accessories can be particularly adorable when child-sized. Whimsical designs that feature feathers, bright colours, faux engagement rings and other fun details create a festive appearance.

Flower girls can play an important role in wedding ceremonies, appealing to audiences with their youthful charm. Hair accessories can help flower girls look their best as they participate, regardless of their level of sophistication. Flowers, miniature versions of adult accessories and whimsical designs all make appropriate flower girl hair accessories.


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