Floral tattoos for shoulders and arms: feminine and graceful looking

Are you searching for an arm or shoulder tattoo? The choice isn’t easy because of the vast amount of options that are available, but they are usually based on our personality and more often than not represents a part of our personal history.

There are many popular designs and ideas and women's choices often gravitate towards delicate Japanese ideograms, flowers and trees because they are feminine and elegant looking and more socially acceptable than body art that depicts guns or skulls.

Floral tattoos are symbolic and represent nature, life, warmth, beauty, as do the colors, which also have an important symbolic significance.

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For example a red rose symbolizes beauty, love, romance and passion, while a pink rose represents grace, admiration and happiness. Yellow rose tattoos are declaration of love, but also friendship, gladness, happiness, joy, and devotion, even if the yellow rose is often indicated as a sign of jealousy, infidelity, or bad luck.

A white rose represents purity and dedication, while a black rose is often viewed as a symbol of sadness and struggle but it can also represent the end of a journey.

The same goes for lilies and each type of lily has its own unique significance as does its colors. A white lily indicates chasteness, a pink one indicates riches and bloom .

The gracefully shaped Lotus flower also represents love and purity and you can choose an open or closed flower, and like all floral tattoos from one single flower your body art can grow and become more detailed with the addition of petals, leaves, tendrils, branches, birds, fish and writing.

CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE FULL Floral tattoos for shoulders and arms - Photo Gallery

Whatever symbol you choose, each tattoo has to be personalized or you’ll find the same flower ad nauseam on other people, and it will lose its special significance, so you have to make your artwork take on its own meaning with twists and variations on the subject, because you'll be wearing it for the rest of your life.

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