There's more to the FitFlops range of women s shoes than just sandals

You'd be forgiven for immediately thinking of sandals and ugly clogs when you hear the name FitFlops being mentioned, but did you know that they now offer a much broader range of footwear than you might have first expected from a company whose primary focus is on toning shoes? Well it's true, and we want to give you the low down so that you might give them some consideration next time you feel the urge to go shoe shopping!

For the purposes of this article we have used the official FitFlop website, which is located online at www.fitflop.com, in order to provide you with the prices, sizes and styles currently available in the FitFlops range throughout the United Kingdom. Prices may be different if you shop in the high street, or from other websites.

The FitFlops range of women s shoes really stands out from the crowd, and delivers far more than you could have ever imagined from a company renowned more for their sandals and ugly, yet extremely functional, clogs.

If you are into the chunky, contemporary style of footwear that goes so well with loose fitting jeans and a nice t-shirt, then you'll absolutely love the FF Supertone Leather Cafe Latte shoe. Available for £85 in sizes 3 to 8, this gorgeous brown leather shoe cunningly hides the toning sole in a chunky and visually appealing style. It's got all the good stuff that the traditional FitFlops have, but you'd never tell on first glance!

For something a little more traditional, we also love the FF Supertone Suede Supernavy shoe which is both smart and versatile, working brilliantly with shorts, jeans or trousers for the ultimate in cool yet smart casual looks. This pair is available for £80 in sizes 3 to 8.

Don't just take our word for it, take a look at some of the new shoes available on the FitFlops website and see for yourself!

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