Find the latest FitFlops in suede at sale prices

Getting fit while you walk is the latest craze sweeping the footwear world these days. The next logical step from the likes of Birkenstocks which moulded themselves around your feet over time in order to give the best possible fit and reduce things like back or leg pain, FitFlops are the latest company to jump aboard the bandwagon and promise you a better bum and more toned legs just by wearing their footwear while going about your day to day business.

Whether you believe the hype is entirely up to you, but FitFlop claim to have the scientific data to back them up, saying that their shoes will increase both leg and bottom muscle activity by as much as 30%, shifting the strain away from your hip and knee joints, while absorbing up to 22% more of the walking impact than regular shoes. This can help to reduce pressure on your feet, as well as tension on stiff or damaged joints.

If you're sitting there and thinking that all this great technology must come at a huge price, then you'll be glad to learn that you're actually mistaken. FitFlops can be found for incredibly reasonable prices at online shoe retailers throughout the United Kingdom.

The best prices we've found to date have come from Achilles Heel, located online at www.achillesheel.co.uk, who offer gorgeous FitFlops in grey suede at the sale price of just £50 per pair. That's down from the recommended retail price of £100, so represents a saving of £50 per pair!

Not only is this price great, but Achilles Heel promise to match any other price you may find in the UK, so you know you're always going to be getting the best deals.

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