FitFlops stockists in Dublin, Ireland: find them online for your convenience!

Fitflops stockists in Dublin, Ireland are plentiful. Not only are they available directly from stores, but there are websites (such as Beauty Features) selling them, and offering free postage within Ireland.

As the popularity of FitFlops steadily increases, retailers in Dublin aim to stay competitive by keeping their prices steady.

Currently, Fitflops range between €65 and €90 depending on the style that you choose. The standard design is widely available from pharmacies and larger department stores in Ireland, while full lines are displayed on the Fitflop website. Boots stock a good range of Fitflops, which can be bought online or in store (and don't forget those advantage points!)

Korkys is a popular stockist within Dublin and, again, you have the choice of buying from the store or from the Korkys website. Head online for the best deal: the Walkstar in red at a special price of €44.99 - and there's free postage to anywhere in Ireland.

If you're looking for the nearest retailer to you, the FitFlop website has a store locator. Champion Sports, Sam McCauleys, Arnotts and Beauty Features all have links that lead you to their selection. These links show exactly what's available, including prices and specials.

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