Fitflops From John Lewis

A very well qualified department store and a brand that uses technology in order to manufacture healthy footwear is really a good combination.

John Lewis

John Lewis is one of the most important retailers in United Kingdom. It maintains balanced price-quality policies in all their departments, as well as a good attention and a careful post-sales service. John Lewis provides a great variety of products. Furniture, cookware, fashion and beauty, electronics, clothes, home and garden are part of their well supplied departments. The most famous brands have a place in every John Lewis shop across UK. Shoes and footwear hold a relevant space there, including the Fitflops brand and its advanced technology.


You can find Fitflops at John Lewis shops. All of its attractive models are there. The application of technology on footwear seems to have achieved very good results on people's overall health. Fitflops engineers have applied Fitflops specific materials and designs in order to use theoretical findings on people's health. Fitflop sandals increase a natural workout while you are walking. As per the London South Bank University studies, women who have consistently used Fitflop sandals have experienced evident improvement on joint stress, muscle activation and one-point foot pressure. Similar results were found on men, with a verified reduction of lower back strain and increase of quadriceps and lower leg muscles activity.

Fitflops at John Lewis

John Lewis retailer offers Fitflops in a diversity of models for women, men and kids, at affordable prices. Look at Fitflop offers on the John Lewis website, at johnlewis.com, and you will find models from sportive Walkstar Sandals for women for 36 pounds, to elegant Mukluk Shearing Ankle Boots for 145 pounds. For men, the prices go from 45 pounds (in the case of Fitflop Dass Sandals) to 90 pounds for FF Supertone Trainers. All of them join two elements that you are surely looking for: elegance and technology.

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