Fitflops Ireland online - treats for your feet in summer or winter!

Fitflops Ireland online means a quick trip to the Korkys.ie website to see what's available!

This site offers free delivery on all shoes within the republic of Ireland so there are no hidden surprises when you come to the checkout section!  You can buy the generic Walkstar model directly from this site at a cost of €50 for the black or white version or you can pay €60 for the red Walkstar 3.

Another option is to log onto eBay.ie where you can buy either new or preowned fitflops from a variety of sellers. The postage charges are one to watch though as not all of the sellers are from Europe. If you're shopping on eBay always buy from sellers that accept Paypal and have a high feedback rating.

Sam McCauley is a pharmacy retail chain that stocks Fitflops and their range can be seen when you log on to buy4now.ie. Their selection of Fitflops is extensive and there are models for both men and women.

The Fitflop Electra is ready to be bought online and will cost you 64.95 for the eye catching bronze coloured shoe. This comes in sizes 4 to 8.

Fitflops also come in a boot style and these are less easy to source but Sam McCauley stocks the Mukluk boot in smoke grey. These boots don't come cheap as they will set you back €169.95 but if this winter is anything like the last one, then they could surely be classed as a wise investment!

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