Fitflops - for the cheapest pairs, get online!

The cheapest Fitflops deals are definitely online.

As the popularity of the Fitflop steadily increases - mainly down to the arrival of the good weather - the retailers will keep their prices steady. Currently, fitflops range between £50 and £150, depending on the style that you choose. The basic fitflop is widely available from pharmacies and larger department stores, while the new (and more dressy) lines are all displayed on the fitflop website. Boots stock an extensive range of fitflops, which can be bought directly from your nearest store or from the Boots website. And remember, advantage points can be earned on these purchases!

eBay stockists have fitflops on offer - some new and some second hand. Prices vary widely depending on their condition, but there are great deals to be found if you're shopping on a budget.

Sites such as Shopzilla quickly locate cheap fitflop stockists and give details of postage and pricing. One of their current offers is the Fitflop Walk Star in black or red for only £35.99, with free postage in the UK. This offer is from the Rubber Sole Shop, and next day delivery is available.

Shoefitness is another popular website and offers up to 25% off. They provide a list of retailers that currently stock the style of Fitflop you are searching for.

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