Buy Fitflops at Boots

The Fitflop brand is fantastic spring and summer footwear that can liberate feet from sores, air and make them happy. They even come in fashionable styles that won’t make your feet feel and look shabby. Fitflops available at Boots are going to pamper your feet when the weather gets warm or simply give them a well-deserved break.

Head outside in Fitflop

Fitflop is a new company. In fact, it is relatively young at 6 years, having been founded in 2007. It promotes several important themes: make fun and fresh shoewear, use ergonomics in sporty flip flops; create modern designs and of course, manufacture comfortable shoes. Fitflop sandals are created using the ‘Microwobblebard midsole’ for that heavenly comfort. With such comfort, wearers are assured their feet remain pampered even when under the stress of walking, running or standing.

  • Offerings

Fitflop sandals are not the only products made by the company. Comfortable boots, clogs and trainers also form part of their catalogue. As standard, each pair of Fitflop footwear is made meticulously with the comfort of the wearer in mind. Materials include high quality leather, thick rubber soles, and breathable fabrics. This summer, bright-coloured sandals, canvas shoes, mules, thongs, and flats are available to delight both men and women. Trendy boots are on offer as well to dress up outfits.

  • Where to buy

More information on Fitflop shoes can be found at their website, fitflop.co.uk. This is also the official online store. Otherwise, fitflops available at Boots are great options for spring and summer or a beach holiday. Stockists such as UK Fit, Cloggs, Amazon and Ebay also carry these delightful and comfortable shoes.

Treat your feet

The next time you’re thinking of getting a pair of sandals or shoes, try Fitflop to see the difference. Even when you're refilling prescriptions, you can get a pair of Fitflops at Boots without spending time looking for the nearest shop. Prepare for a beach holiday or simply slip your feet in them for a change.

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