fitflop floretta wit within a shoe!

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Fitflop Floretta wit can clearly be seen when you look at the style and design of these dainty fitflops. The Floretta features multi layered leather flowers doubled up on a slightly strappy upper and features a backstrap and a slimmed down midsole. The overall effect is very feminine and glamorous but it still retains all the functionality of the generic fitflop as the patented toning Microwobbleboard is still built in! The Floretta comes in three colours, antique white, rosy pink and silver indium.

Not every retailer will sell this model of Fitflop so it's worth looking online to find your nearest stockist. Sites such as shoefitness.co.uk offer links to the online stores that sell the shoes you're looking for and often these sites have special offers so you can really bag yourself a bargain!

Cloggs.co.uk not only stock the Fitflop Floretta but they offer free delivery within the UK. This means that all you spend is the price of the shoes and then they arrive at your house, it's really that simple! Currently the antique white Floretta will set you back £64.99 when you buy from this site.

Charles Clinkard has the same shoe for the slightly higher price of £70 which proves that shopping online does require finding the best deal for you. Boots also stock the Floretta for £70 but at least you can get up to £10 worth of advantage card points when you buy selected footwear from the Fitflop Spring/Summer range.

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