Fitflop Cloggs are in!

Fitflop and Cloggs have teamed up! The 'Cloggs' website has a huge selection of Fitflops to choose from, so let's head on over to the website and see what's on offer...

Cloggs is one of the UK's top websites when it comes to all things footwear. They have just about every style available, and have recently begun stocking their shelves with Fitflops. Already they have one of the best selections you can find online.

There have women's, men's and kids' Fitflops to start with. Then the range really opens up. We are talking boots, sandals, clogs, Rokkit, Gogh, Fiorella, Oasis - the list goes on and on! Here's a few best sellers...

The Fitflop Floretta: This is the perfect summer sandal. As we know, Fitflops are designed to put your calves and thighs to work. The comfort of Floretta means that you won't even realise that you're getting a workout! They start at £69.99.

FitFlop Boots Mukluk Short: We think the Mukluk deserves a mention as they are currently on sale. With a £35 reduction they can be picked up for as little as £99 - a great deal considering how popular these boots are.

Fitflop Gough: These are reminiscent of the style of Crocs. They are fully encased sandals with holes to allow air to pass through. As with other Fitflop footwear, you get a little work out as you walk. They are generally sold at around the £70 range, so check them out.

If you want to buy into the Fitflop craze, Cloggs are a great place to look for your perfect pair!

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