Fit for a princess

All this news of a Royal wedding has got us in a flutter here at FashionJunkie. What will we wear? Should we do hats? Flats or heels? Of course we will be watching it on the blanket TV coverage in our living rooms, but, you know, any excuse to get dressed up…

Kate Middleton will no doubt be gathering a small army of style advisors to make sure she looks every bit the princess in the coming year. Already she has proven her sartorial know-how, mixing up and coming designers with more established names. For the announcement of her engagement to Prince William, Kate wore a beautiful deep blue dress by Brazilian-born designer Daniella Issa Helayel.

Helayel’s label, Issa London, is a firm favourite with Kate. She has been spotted wearing the designer’s dresses at several major events and, after this week’s announcement, Issa London is sure to become a must-have name for any self respecting fashionista.

Now of course the big question on every one’s lips is who will design the wedding dress…?

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