Is it time to try firming lotions?

Are you struggling to lose a couple of extra pounds, or have you noticed that your skin is becoming weaker? Thinning and sagging skin are natural side effects of the aging process, but there are things you can try to minimise their effects. Firming lotions can help to bring the elasticity in your skin back.

Reinforce your skin with a good body lotion!

Your first wrinkle can be a traumatic experience, and some women even go so far as to despise their own reflection. Yet it is a natural part of aging. And with age comes wisdom too! The elasticity of the skin will gradually reduce as you get older, but fortunately there are many types of firming lotions that help you to retain a youthful glow.

Types of body lotions

There are many types of body lotion with firming actions. A firming lotion will normally contain certain properties that increase the energy supply to skin cells. This causes the skin to appear younger, restored and refreshed. And this creates a firming body silhouette.

All the major cosmetics brands sell lotions with firming action. For example, Nivea Q10 has active ingredients to increase the energy of the skin. L'Oreal sells a lotion with a 24-hour hydrating and lifting effect.

The effect of firming lotion

Although it will take some time before you see effects, two weeks is often enough to see some difference. Results are often noticed on the upper arms and abdomen first - larger areas like the thighs and buttocks may take longer to achieve results.


Firming lotions can be more effective if they are applied after light exfoliation. Scrub your skin with a body exfoliator and rinse with warm water to improve the blood circulation. Apply the firming lotion immediately after towel drying your skin. This will allow the moisture to be absorbed more efficiently.

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