Fire treatment is the latest anti-ageing trend

As crazy as it might sound the latest spa treatment coming from China have people been literally set on fire. Beauticians are using flames to turn the clock back and to achieve a healthier appearance. The fire treatment is known as 'huǒ liáo' and involves applying a cloth that has been previously soaked in alcohol and some special type of elixir over any problematic area, for then being lightened up.

Women are willing to go an extra mile for beauty, but this extreme treatment might have pushed the boundaries of sanity just a little too far. The daughter of a client, who went to a beauty salon to try the latest craze in terms of anti-ageing had a massive shock after witnessing her mother's face literally set on fire. The cloth applied onto her eyes was lighted-up in order for the ingredients to penetrate the skin and although the woman was perfectly safe, the onlooker felt quite disturbed.

Does the treatment really works? Alcohol is used in many therapies as it actually helps the ingredients contained in the mixture to penetrate the skin layer and to be absorbed by the body. The effectiveness of fire is rather questionable, instead. Heat is medically known for triggering the production of adrenaline, which makes the body work faster and also accelerate metabolism. If the treatment was used as a cure for indigestion the employment of fire might make some sense, but as an anti-ageing is quite improbable.

Huǒ liáo is a traditional Chinese remedy and is widely practised in traditional medicine and as an alternative therapy all over the East, and although the results are debatable, many people swear to it to cure joint pain, insomnia and even obesity. If you feel brave enough to try this utmost method, remember to bring an anti fire blanket, you might need it!

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