Faux Hair Scrunchies: Would you wear one?

In a world of hair extensions, fake hair is nothing new when it comes to style. If you have short locks but want something longer for a while, a trip to the salon and a few hours later will have you rocking J.Lo style in no time. But what about faux hair scrunchies? Ballerinas and dancers as well as celebrities wear them all the time, so maybe it is time to try one on for size.

The Fluffy Faux Hair Scrunchies

The fluffy faux hair scrunchies are one of the most popular today with dancers and ballerinas. It is the perfect way to secure a bun and add fullness to the look. The look is so impressive it can be used for anything from formal occasions to hens’ nights out easily.

The Neat Ponytail Faux Hair Scrunchies Wrap

Remember Britney Spears in her “Oops! ... I Did It Again” music video? Although her red pantsuit stands out in most memories, the fashion conscience will remember her hair, most notably her ponytail wrap.

She wore a faux hair scrunchie wrap to cover her elastic band. That simple little wrap turned a basic ordinary ponytail into a classic sleek, chic one in seconds.

The Braided Faux Hair Scrunchies

Braided faux hair scrunchies are an easy to way to secure your ponytail and give it a finished fashionable look at the same time. Since they work great on both thick and thin hair, it looks great wrapped once around a bun to give it a fashionable twist.

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