Fat and unhealthy the way forward?

Oy you. Off that treadmill and on the couch. And get a ciggie on the go and a six pack of Stella cracked open while you’re at it - you could save the taxpayer money. Yes we know. Not long ago we told you that doing exercise increases your life by 9 years. But what a double edged sword that’s turned out to be. Dutch researchers from the Netherlands National Institute of Public Health now reckon that healthy folk are actually a bigger burden on the tax system than lardy layabouts who smoke drink and generally live a very enjoyable life. Disgusted we hear you snort! How can this be?

Put simply, the longer a person lives, the more they use. Fit folk are much more likely to succumb to prolonged nasties like Alzheimers and Parkinsons, than swift but horrid lifestyle linked illnesses like heart disease and lung cancer. While a smoker notches up a civilised 359,000 bill over a lifetime, a person of normal weight and health racks up 458,000.

So. To do the decent thing and check out of this world early, thus saving the common man a farthing or two on his tax bill? Or to carry on with that gym membership and pump-iron your way to a long and expensive life? Don’t worry, it’s not actually quite that simple.

Au contraire. Healthier people generally contribute much more over a life time to the tax system than their unhealthy counterparts – less time off sick, more actual working years etc. In short they’ve already paid their nursing home bill before they even get there. Which basically dscounts everything we've just said.

Lets just say, reckless indulgence is lots of fabulous fun. But being obese and sick is all a bit miserable really. Plus you die sooner - and that can't be much craic. A proverb if we may. 'Everything in moderation'. Ah, undiluted wisdom in a single line.

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