Fashion's a scary business for Keira

You might not guess by looking at her, but apparently Keira Knightley isn't really a glamorous sort of gal. The actress, who is currently the face of Chanel Mademoiselle perfume, doesn't like dressing up for red carpet events and was scared about taking on the Chanel campaign, writes Vogue.

Keira has just finished shooting her second campaign for Chanel but admits she had reservations to begin with. In an interview for Stylist magazine she confessed: 'With the first one I think we were all a bit worried because we didn't know if it was going to sell well and it was taking over this enormous thing' she says. 'It was quite frightening!'

Despite her regular appearances at fashion and red carpet events around the world, Keira claims that showbiz razzle dazzle is just a part-time gig for her: 'As long as I do it rarely, then I enjoy it' she says. 'It's nice to have an occasion to wear a silly frock and get dolled up but I'm not really that sort of person.'

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