Fancy dress outfits larger sizes - it's party time!

Fancy dress outfits in larger sizes can be as wild or as basic as you want it to be. If you're sticking to a familiar theme such as a clown, convict, cave girl or even schoolgirl, then have a look online at some of the ready made costumes that are available.

eBay have stockists that deal specifically in adult fancy dress and also sell party make up, accessories and wigs. Always read the small print when ordering costumes online and check exactly what comes with the outfit. Even though the picture displays an entire look, inclusive of hats/wings/tiaras/handcuffs etc, this may well be for advertisement purposes only.

Generally pre-packed costumes are pretty basic and it's up to you to customise them. Prices start at around £30, not inclusive of postage, and can go up as far as £60 depending on how elaborate the outfit gets.

When you take the cost of extra accessories into account then this isn't always an affordable option especially if this outfit will only be used once! Putting together your own costume can be fun and it's easier than you think.

A good search through your wardrobe and attic will yield clothes and jewellery that you'd forgotten all about! A quick trip to Primark to stock up on cheap but fun items like leg warmers, stripey tights and a shirt that you can cut up will give you the essentials for an 80's style costume without any real expense! Allocate yourself a budget and stitch to it. That way you won't overspend!

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