Fancy dress larger sizes - let's play let's pretend!

Fancy dress larger sizes can either be made by you at home with stuff you have already or bought ready made.

If you're planning on a totally individual look then you need to be prepared so write down exactly what you need and then you can start looking for it.

eBay offers many opportunities when sourcing a fancy dress costume. This is because there are speciality shops within eBay itself that stock an extensive range of ready made costumes. While these outfits may not be to your liking, they are a good place to start when putting your own ideas into practice so have your list to hand and add to it as necessary!

When buying readymade outfits you need to remember that only the basic outfit itself in is included in the price. Wigs and accessories need to be purchased separately and it's these that lead to the costume costing more than you may have planned. The outfits themselves cost from around £30 for a nun or cavegirl outfit right up to £50 for a more extravagant burlesque creation.

If you're thinking of creating your own, then there is a possibility that you have some of the necessary equipment lying around at home, this could prove to be the more affordable option. A quick trip to Primark or to your local discount store can provide you with everything you need to make a fancy dress costume that no one else will have!

Fancy dress larger sizes is a feast for the senses!

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