Fancy dress for bigger sizes - time to have some fun!

Fancy dress for bigger sizes can be found on eBay, hired from a party shop or even put together by you.

eBay in fact offers many opportunities when sourcing a fancy dress costume. This is because there are speciality shops within eBay itself that stock an extensive range of ready made costumes.  These outfits are generally quite basic and only contain the outfit itself.

You can hire quite elaborate costumes from a party shop that specialises in fancy dress. Expect to pay from £50 per day for a mermaid outfit or £70 for a gorilla suit! Some of these shops require a deposit also which makes it quite an expensive option. The deposit will get returned once the costume arrives back undamaged.

Once you've decided on a look that you want to recreate, have a look around your own home and see what you have lying around that could be customised to suit your needs and cut costs. Your local joke or party shop will stock things like joke teeth, fake body parts and a selection of wigs. If you buy items like fangs and fake blood, then the outfit itself can be relatively simple like a white shirt and braces.

If you're on a stringent budget, remember that a fancy dress costume can just consist of a pair of pyjamas and an oversized bonnet! Remember the days of your childhood nativity play when you were dressed in a sheet and tea towel? There is nothing to say that a fancy dress costume means spending a fortune.

Fancy dress for bigger sizes - the fun starts here!

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