Fall 2013: Short haircuts are still cool and trendy as ever

Short haircuts are getting trendier every season and even this Fall 2013 shorter hair is still very much in fashion with many celebrities - take Beyonce or Lady Gaga - who are experimenting with shorter and more edgy styles, and it is easy to see why.

Short haircuts show character and determination and despite popular belief, short hairstyles are very versatile and you still can do a lot with short hair.

You can add hair accessories, like headbands, clips or flowers to create focal points and have a completely different 'do for an evening out.

You can also tease your hair, crimp it, add waves or curls even extensions, and if you are young, even colored extensions.

If your short haircut also sports bangs you can sweep them to one side, and for a punk rock night out you can spike your hair with hair gel or wax or slick it back for a wet look or a roaring twenties style that is still update.

Short haircuts can even be even more eye popping with the right hair color, and just adding a few highlights can completely change your look.

The only style ‘limits’, if you can call them that, is the shape of your face and the texture of your hair, whether it is thick or thin, straight or curly.

Certain cuts look better on certain face shapes, take the popular pixie cut.

This type of hair cut doesn’t look flattering on long face shapes. Pixies look best on women with heart-shaped faces or oval faces who also have long and elegant necks.

If your face is round, you’ll be able to select a longer cut as it will lengthen your face a little and make it look slimmer. A square shaped face is best for the spiky look, as it downplays your jaw line.

Still undecided on which haircut style will suit you? There are plenty of websites available where you can download a picture of yourself and play around with different haircuts, so you can find the perfect style for yourself.

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