Fairytale fancy dress plus size - feel like a princess!

Fairytale fancy dress plus size, unleash your inner princess! It's always fun to get invited to a fancy dress party and some of the most popular costume choices for women include fairy tale princesses, Snow White, Rapunzel, Cinderella and Princess Jasmine!

It needn't cost a fortune to put together a convincing costume with a Fairytale twist. A visit to your local joke or party shop should give you an idea of how much a fantasy style wig will cost.

Expect to pay around £30 for a waist length blonde wig or £40 for princess curls! A black bob like Snow Whites will set you back around £20. The hair is an important component of a Fairytale costume and can make you instantly recognisable as the character you're portraying.

Fairytale costumes can be bought ready made but they usually just consist of a dress and that might be a bit basic. Fairytale costumes should make you feel like a princess!

If you're thinking of putting your outfit together yourself then you're going to need a long flowing dress, a corset style belt (to create a bodice) and various fantasy accessories such as wings, plastic flowers for your hair, a tiara or wand and pretty jewellery.

The overall image of all Fairytale characters is of soft femininity so make up should be light, think pink lips and soft fluttery lashes!

The main advantage to creating your own costume is that it eliminates the possibility of anyone else wearing the same as you!

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