New inspirations: fairies tattoos for women

If you love getting inked, you might want to look at several designs of fairies tattoos for women. These are designs which are completely different and would make you feel like you’re choosing your own personality. From Goth and sultry to sexy and feminine, there are many ways you can recreate or create a look that is truly your own.



Many designs exist covering fairies tattoos for women. Typically, a fairy is a tiny girl or lady with wings. However, with a lot of imagination and some creativity, you can project a different look and make your own fairy tattoo designs:

  • Angelic fairy

If you are traditional and believe in how the classic fairy looks, you can do so. But, you can also make the nice and pretty fairy look hot or sexy. Tap on their mystic and allure to create a fairy that is mysterious, sensual and beautiful. For example, relive Queen Mab in Peter Pan or create a naughty Tinkerbell and you have your perfect design.

  • Sprite, elf, and pixie

In addition to other mystical creatures, you can also bring life to several playful fairies such as the sprite, elf and pixie. These impish creatures will look good on your arm or at the back of your body.

  • The dark side

Fairies which have folkloric origins in Europe are also sometimes projected as having dark sides. Hence, you can design fairies tattoos in Gothic style. Use your imagination to create a fairy that will look contemporary yet Goth in appearance. You can also look at books to get inspirations. Add unicorns, gnomes, flowers and all other related things to create your stories.

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Where to get inked and prices

Fairies tattoos for women can be done in your local tattoo shop. Just make sure the clinic is accredited and the premises are clean. You might want to visit the facilities beforehand or talk to people who have used their services. Typically, a 2x2 inch tattoo will cost around £50. Most tattoo artists work by the hour and charge from a low of £30 to a high of £85, Hence, shop around, look at the portfolio of artists and inspect the facilities to get the best fairy tattoos.

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