Using an eyeliner to define your eye style

The eyes say it all. Hence, it’s not unusual for women to create an eyeliner style to draw out their eyes and make them look great. Not everyone can have those gorgeous-looking eyes and with a little help from the magic wand, you can make those eyes stand out and project the best of your features.

Tips to find the best eyeliner style

It’s amazing how a simple eyeliner pencil can style your eyes to perfection. The shape of the eyes matter and of course, the size of the opening of your eyes. Here are some fabulous tips to consider for different shapes of eyes:

  • Almond-shaped eyes

Almond-shaped eyes don't need a lot of work. Enhance the shape by simply applying an eyeliner from the inner to the outer lid. Apply an eyeshadow powder on the lids.

  • Small eyes

A small pair of eyes can look bigger when a lighter shade of colour is used on the inner corner gradually thickening as you work your way towards the outer part with a dark pencil. Apply the eyeliner starting from the line under the lashes without extending it to the insides of the rim of the eyes.

  • Wide set eyes

For a wide set of eyes, use eyeliner on both the upper and lower lids. Go for a lighter colour from the outer eye to the inner corner to create the illusion of bringing the eyes closer together.

  • Close set eyes

Do the opposite by using a lighter colour from the inner corner and a darker shade when moving to the outer part for close set eyes. Close set eyes will benefit from marking the inner corner of the eye towards the outer corner. You might even get the desired effect by lining your eyes halfway or just a third.

Other helpful hints

Using an eyeliner to style your eyes is not the only thing to think of. Groom and shape your eyebrows to show the beauty of your eyes. Don't have enough hair? Use an eyebrow extender. Get bold and try different colours. While dark hues such as blacks, browns, and greys give a smokey effect, blues and greens give a different appeal to the eyes. Best of all, finding the right eyeliner style is all about experimenting, and with a couple of makeup sessions, you should be on your way to create that fabulous effect.

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