Eyebrow Threading Explained

Eyebrow threading was traditionally performed in India and the Middle East, but has recently gained popularity in Western cultures. It is a form of hair removal which can also be used on other facial hair as well as the eyebrows and is now widely available in salons across the UK, as well as many beautycare stores.


Eyebrow threading consists of twisting a piece of thread in a double strand and using this thread to pick up a line of hair and remove it. This creates a very fine and even hair line compared to other hair removal techniques, which is why it is favoured particularly for the eyebrows.

Indian movie stars use eyebrow threading, which is why most Indian stars can be distinguished by their crisp eyebrow line.

Comparison to other techniques

Unlike waxing or plucking eyebrows, eyebrow threading allows you to remove one clean line of hair at once, aloowing the creation of a neater line in less time than other techniques. Compared to wax, eyebrow threading will not harm the skin and irritation usually lasts for only a few minutes.

Best uses

Eyebrow threading is particularly useful for the removal of unibrows because the technique is quick and accurate when removing large quantities of facial hair. The accuracy of the technique also allows for a sharper line and more definition than other techniques. Because eyebrow threading uses only cotton, it is also the preferred technique amongst individuals who seek natural beauty and try to avoid chemical products, which are often used in waxing creams.

Trained Aesthetician

If you choose to opt for eyebrow threading, make sure you seek out a trained and experience aesthetician to perform the procedure. Incorrect eyebrow threading can result in increased irritation, uneven eyebrow lines, hair breakage and possible ingrown hairs. There are a number of professional spa facilities that offer eyebrow threading treatments with trained aestheticians with certification, but you should always check the qualfications for the aesthetician beforehand.

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