Choosing the right eye serums

Everyone wants to have beautiful and young-looking eyes. However, the skin around the eyes is very delicate causing problems such as dark circles and puffiness. If you are often in the sun, wrinkles may form. Stress, lack of sleep, and poor blood circulation also lead to skin discolouration and dark circles under the eyes. Using eye serums is one solution to rejuvenate the skin and get rid of these problems. But, choosing the right eye serum from hundreds of products in the market becomes confusing.

All about eye serums

Eye serums act as moisturisers on the skin around the eyes. They hydrate the skin by retaining moisture and minimise the formation of wrinkles.

Serums are lighter in consistency than your average cream. They are almost liquid like and the potency is stronger than cream or lotion. Thus, application on the eyelids and the surrounding skin of the eyes is minimal. You only need a few drops of the serum during each application period. Since serums are thinner in consistency, they are quickly absorbed by the skin and work quicker in rejuvenating the skin. Waiting for the serum though to make wrinkles less visible might take weeks or months.

Choosing the right serum for your eyes

1. Define your problems

If you just want to moisturise the area around your eyes and have no other issues, go for a serum that has a hydrating function. You might not even need a serum at all. If your problems are complex such as aging and wrinkles, look for eye serums that contain specific ingredients for these problems.

2. Read the label and its ingredients

The label says it all. Although there are terms that you probably won't understand, bear in mind the following:

Cynergy Tk is keratin, a protein that helps produce collagen and elastin necessary for renewing the skin.

Aloe vera is a plant extract that helps in moisturising the skin. It has also a healing effect.

Hyaluronic acid is a substance that keeps the skin supple and firm.

Haloxyl improves blood circulation and is good for reducing puffiness under the eyes.

Eyeliss is a 'patented' peptide that reduces the appearance of eye bags.

Alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) stimulate the production of collagen and used in a variety of cosmetic applications including skin peels.

Non-comedogenic means that it won't close or clog pores allowing your skin to breathe. This is important if you are trying to prevent those zits from popping up.

Sun protection factor (SPF) indicates the degree of protection against the sun's damaging rays to prevent formation of wrinkles. The product should have an SPF of at least 15.

3. Ask for samples and test them first

Eye serums are not inexpensive and for this reason, check with your beauty supplier if there are samples available for you to test. Granted that you will not see the results immediately, you will know then if your skin reacts to any of the ingredients in the serum.

More tips

Product reviews and testimonials may lure you to buy eye serums that might or might not work. However, following a healthier lifestyle in the form of a good diet, exercise and getting enough sleep can cost you less. Hydration will also help in improving the skin around your eyes and make that hard battle against aging a less daunting one.

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