Beautiful eye make-up secrets

When an evening calls for the most glamorous look you have tucked away in that make up bag, making your eyes look the best should always be on your top list. The make-up eye secrets are easy to apply, though, so here are our top tips to help them stand out:

  1. Prepare your eyes by applying concealer to cover dark circles, blueish hue around the eye or any other form of discolouration.
  2. To keep your eye-shadow in place all night, apply eye base to the lid of your eye to avoid mishaps through the night.
  3. Use eyeliner after applying the base. For dark eye-shadows, use a darker, thicker eyeliner. For lighter, natural looks, use lighter eyeliner or apply with very little pressure and thinly to the top and bottom eyelid. Line your eyes as close to the upper lashes as possible and smudge the bottom line on your lower eyelid slightly with a q-tip (or even your finger) so it isn't as prominent.
  4. Apply your eye-shadow. The eye-shadow you use will depend entirely on your eye colour and the look you want to achieve; for example, hazel eyes and green eyes stand out more with dark eye make-up. Use a three-tone eye-shadow, starting with a lighter colour and building up to the darkest colour.
  5. Brighten your eyes with a highlighter. Using your eye-shadow brush and the lightest eye-shadow shade you have, line the very corners of your eyes slightly to make your eyes appear brighter.
  6. Apply mascara to your lashes, with the optional choice of using an eyelash curler beforehand to define longer lashes.

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