Fabulous and exotic bridesmaid hair accessories ideas

Being a bridesmaid does not mean that you cannot be as gorgeous and elegant as your best friend on such a momentous occasion. There are several ways to dress up your wedding outfits such as wearing exotic bridesmaid accessories. From flowers and tiaras to feathers and vintage clips, you can get that special look for an important celebration using exotic bridesmaid hair accessories.

Stylish hair pieces for the bridesmaid

  • Bejewelled clips

Hair clips embellished with colourful jewellery make some of the most exotic bridesmaid hair accessories. Go for those with Asian or African accents such as multicoloured clips.

  • Feathered clips

A large feathered clip can make a strong statement or you can choose a bunch of smaller feathers on a hairpiece to accentuate your role as a bridesmaid.

  • Tiaras and headbands

For a touch of the exotic, use traditional tiaras encrusted with jewellery, rhinestones and crystals for that lovely effect.

  • Feather veils

Laced veils look unique when you add a feather. Choose from colourful peacock feathers or add accents such as Swarovski crystals.

  • Hats

These sun hats look lovely with feathers, crystals or beads as adornments.

  • Comb

Crystals or rhinestones can make great embellishments to a bridesmaid comb. Unusual shapes such as stars, hearts, blossoms, dragonfly, and butterfly are great ideas.

  • Flowers

A string of flowers perched on a plait or French bun is a neat accessory. You can even choose fresh flowers such as orchids and lotuses on the big day.

  • Fascinators

Fascinators have been around since the 18th century and these days, they are hot fashion items used by fashionistas and famed celebrities. Use vintage style feather fascinators or combine other materials such as lace and flowers. Other accessories you can put on the hair include slide pins, barettes, and brooches.

Just the right amount of elegance

Exotic bridesmaid hair accessories are plenty and it is up to you to find the right match for a best friend's wedding. Coordinating your exotic bridesmaid hair accessories with the wedding theme is important, for you don't want to stick out like a sore thumb and ruin your friend's celebration. Dress up stylishly and add glamour to a wedding event to make it an unforgettable occasion without going overboard.

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