Erotic nightdresses for those long chilly winter evenings!

Gone are the days of wincyette nighties that button up to the neck, at the wrist and skim the floor. These days there is a wealth of choice when it comes to the erotic nightdress in terms of design, fabrics, coverage and retail outlets. Ann Summers is perhaps the first retailer that one thinks of but this is only the start of the market in erotic nightwear.

There is something to suit every figure and occasion whether you are after black and slinky, naughty little girl or minimal coverage. The babydoll or chemise are perhaps the most popular erotic nighties and available at many lingerie retailers.

For more specific designs and costumes, it is probably wise to visit a specialist store whether on the High Street or online. We like the look of wickedtickles.co.uk and delicates.co.uk. Wickedtickles has a wide variety of sexy underwear, nightwear and costumes to suit most tastes, and Delicates appeals to the romantic souls out there.

Whatever your chosen fantasy, there is an erotic nightdress out there for you.

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