The many uses of Epsom salts

Epsom salts are simply wonderful. They were originally sourced and made from a town called Epsom in Surrey, England. The salts which are rich in magnesium and sulfate can also occur naturally. Epsom salts are known for their medicinal and healing properties. They are also fantastic to use as a beauty product for relaxation and beauty purposes.

Uses and benefits

  • Medicinal and healing properties

To understand the benefits of Epsom salts, remember they are rich in magnesium and sulfate. When magnesium salt is dissolved in water, it draws out the toxins from the body if you’re taking a bath. This is why Epsom salts are often used as bath salts. When this happens, you get relief and feel much better. It also reduces swelling, eliminates muscle pains and relieves aches. In other words, it can work lots of small miracles when you use them as a component in baths. Epsom salts are deeply relaxing and taking a bath with the minerals in the water before bedtime can help you sleep faster and better.

  • Beauty uses

Epsom salts are also fabulous as beauty treatments. A simple mixture of Epsom salts and water and you have an instant skin exfoliator, face mask, and facial cleanser. As a facial mask, you can add specific ingredients to come up with your own concoction such as lemon, herbs, fruit peels, and spices. To use as a face mask, you simply have to rub the salts on the target area such as legs and body. Wash them off with clear water. If you need extra information, the Epsom Salt Council lists other ways to use these popular minerals as a hair volumiser, hair spray, and even as grease remover.


Epsom salt is not for everyone. If you have any medical concern, talk to your doctor first before using them or as additives in your bath. For instance, individuals suffering from Crohn’s disease are advised not to use Epsom salts as magnesium sulfate will cause all sorts of problems. Magnesium sulfate, is in fact, used as a solution to encourage bowel movement.

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