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English actress Emily Blunt has a quality that many women, including other Hollywood stars, desire for themselves: she has proved to be totally versatile in terms of hair colours, donning any range of tones throughout the years and looking fab in every single shade.

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Emily Blunt's breakout role was the arrogant redhead in the now classic film Devil Wears Prada, and she was famously associate with auburn red shades ever since. But soon after her debut, she started drifting away towards various tones of dark brown with exquisite nonchalance.

For a while she gracefully sported a warm chocolate bob, then as soon as fall 2012 the naturally brunette actress started showing signs of needing a radical change. Cleverly, the actress did not jump into a totally different colour: rather, she took her hair-revolution into few steps.

First, the Edge of Tomorrow actress experimented with the already popular two-toned hair trend called dip-dye, sporting deep-chestnut roots that faded into rich, golden tips. Then she quickly progressed onto a sunny blonde, soon showing off her honey coloured locks. The pretty new blond was first debuted gathered in a sophisticated up do at the Gotham Independent Film Awards in New York City in November 2012.

But Emily's hair adventure did not stop there. By the next summer in fact, the Brit actress had already tried out different variations, including ash blonde highlights, a cool touch that well suits her colour type.

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True to her nature, Emily Blunt has continued to switch things up, often experimenting with various shades as well as styles, and going back to previously successful styles. And she does have the quality to be look great in each and every shades. However, all in all, it seems to us that warm chocolate brown is the hair colour closer to her natural look and the most flattering on her. What do you think?

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