Em Michelle Phan makeup collection

Since her first video on YouTube in 2007, beauty guru Michelle Phan has gained massive consensus and she now garners over 4.6 million subscribers and millions of views, and has more than 420,000 followers on Twitter, and has now launched her own makeup collection.

Phan was first recruited as a spokesperson for Laura Mercier, then as a professional makeup artist for Lancôme in 2010 and a personal cosmetic line was the next logical step.

The cosmetic line called Em Michelle Phan, is backed by L'Oreal, and has been two years in the making, and was inspired by Phan’s community.

“Em Michelle Phan was designed for and with my community to meet their authentic beauty needs, based on years of input I received while being a beauty mentor. My focus from the beginning has always been about empowering women to tell their own beauty stories with makeup,” stated Phan.

The word Em is a Vietnamese word meaning "you," that is used affectionately to address loved ones, as well as a literal and figurative reflection of "me."

The cosmetic line features over 250 products, including eye shadow, blush, lipstick, bronzer , and the ‘Life Palette’ that includes 24 eye, four cheek, and eight lip colors in six different collections for any occasion: night, party, love, work, and the beach.

The set comes with depot toolto swap shades easily and with an empty travel palette to make packing easier.

There are also tutorials for every product and makeup look.

“Beauty lovers are increasingly consuming and sharing information digitally, through online communities. We saw the power of these communities and wanted to meet them where they live – online. Michelle Phan’s expertise in makeup, plus her passion for teaching and empowering women has made her a digital phenomenon. She represents exactly what this line is all about – community, empowerment, artistry,” said Carol Hamilton, president of L’Oréal.

The brand was launched on August 15th, and is available at em.cosmetics.com with prices ranging from $15 to $75.

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