Elizabeth Arden: latest collection

Elizabeth Arden latest collection, Rose Aurora, is expected to fill the spring of 2012 with happiness, fun and romance. Her latest make-up collection is a modern version of her original 1950’s collection and comes in stylish rose-gold packaging and elegant soft rose printed cartons. Rose Aurora embodies all that spring is about. It gives you a fresh golden glow, soft shimmery lips and accentuated eyes that will make you the centre of attraction everywhere you go.

Rose Aurora collection

Ms Elizabeth Arden’s Rose Aurora make-up collection includes:

  • Pure Finish Bronze Powder
  • Pure Finish Highlighter
  • All Over Face Powder Brush
  • Liquid Eyeliner Ceramide Ultra Lipstick, and
  • Ceramide Cream Blush

Pure Finish Bronze Powder

Pure finish bronze powder gives you silky smooth skin and a radiance that embodies healthy and beautifully bronzed skin. The powder is packaged in an elegant embossed rose golden metal cosmetic case. The contents of the compact collectible are infused with ingredients known to protect and energize skin cells, including antioxidant minerals, white tea and green tea. The powder is available in warm radiance, soft radiance and deep radiance.

Pure Finish Highlighter

Rose Aurora pure finish highlighter is lightweight, luminescent and shimmery. It gives your skin an attractive, illuminating, flattering rose-gold shade and also protects your skin with is beneficial formula that contains skin-protecting ingredients like Zin’cite and white and green tea. The highlighter is available in Rose illumination.

All Over Face Powder Brush

This multi-purpose, oversized powder brush is soft and specially designed to set, contour or blend make-up. The brush can also be used to dust décolleté and shoulders.

Eye-liner and Lipstick

The Elizabeth Arden collection completes its assortment of excellent make-up products with the Rose Aurora eye-liner and Rose Aurora lipstick. The eye-liner and lipstick come in a vibrant beize-pink shade that will lift your overall look and make you shine during the Spring season.

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