Elemis gift sets ideas

Elemis gift sets are an ideal choice for those who want to surprise their loved ones with award-winning spa products that can do wonders for their skin. With plenty of sets to choose from, Elemis spa products are a good option for those looking for a gift for women and men of all ages.

The Elemis gift sets are available in major department store across the country, as well as on the official Elemis website. Many of them consist of two or more Elemis spa products and are not only suitable for gift, but also for those who have never used Elemis products before. By purchasing an Elemis set, you get the chance to test multiple products at once and decide which ones you would like to repurchase individually in the future.

Elemis Gift Sets for Women

The Beauty Treasures gift set is a perfect introduction to the world of Elemis products. It consists of five full-size face and bodycare products that boost hydration and help brighten the skin. Those who are looking for an Elemis gift set to take with them when travelling may opt for "The Art of Travelling" gift set, which includes a miniature shower cream, hand and nail cream, cleanser, a toner, and more. Anti-ageing products are also available in the form of Elemis gift sets. One option is the Precious Pro-Collagen Duo gift set, which includes a pro-collagen marine cream and a pro-collagen night cream that can moisturise your skin when you sleep. Both creams come in full-size 30 ml containers.

Elemis Gift Sets for Men

Men are not left aside and you can choose the equivalent The Art of Travelling Kit for men, which consists of a full-size shower gel, moisture boost, shave gel, a facial wash, and more. The Adventurer gift set is a good option for those who want a simple approach to daily skincare, and it includes a deep cleanse facial wash, an Aching Muscle Super Soak and a moisturiser.

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