Elegant Touch Review

Elegant Touch is a fake nails retailer, supply fake nails to stores and also selling individual packs for customers to use themselves. You have the choice of either getting their fake nails applied by a qualified nail technician, or saving money on costs by buying yourown products. Since their emergence, Elegant Touch has stormed the retail industry with its widely available products.


The Elegant Touch product line in vast; it's guaranteed you'll find a style that suits you. Along with their range of standard fake nails, it also offers a variety of celebrity looks, extravgant designs and classic French manicures.

If you're looking for something a bit more personal, you can visit the Elegant Touch website at Eleganttouch.com and buy blank templates to paint your own look, or have a print custom design for an extra few pound.

How to Buy

You can buy Elegant Touch products directly through their website, which lists their entire stock and variety of fake nails. Alternatively, you can visit your nearest beauty stores, such as Superdrug or Boots, who are likely to stock some Elegant Touch nails.

If you're looking to have your nails applied by a professional, a lot of beauty salons throughout the UK will supply Elegant Touch nails. You're best option is to phone up the retailer first and ask if they supply them, and enquire about the kind of styles they have in stock. If you have a custom set of nails, or already order several but would like to have them applied by a professional, you can also enquire about this with the beauty salon who may be able to accomodate your needs.

Customer Reviews

Elegant Touch has received some mixed reviews. Most customers enjoy the range of styles available, but some have stated that the glue provided doesn't perform to standard. However, you can avoid this by attending a salon instead to have the nails applied, or purchasing a seperate type of nail glue to ensure better quality.

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