Eau de Gaga

Never one to shy away from a good controversy, Lady Gaga has asked that her new perfume is made to smell of bodily fluids, fashionista.com reports.

It may sound like a recipe for a bad romance, but Poker Face singer has asked perfume manufacturer, Coty (as used by Kate Moss and Sarah Jessica Parker), to make her debut fragrance ‘smell of blood and semen’. Gaga’s spunky new scent, which is going to take the suitably gruesome (yet familiar) name Monster, is set to hit shops in time for Christmas. It comes as no surprise that the convention-breaking, meat-dress wearing singer has steered away from launching a delicate lavender aroma, but will this seminal concoction really take off? It may be the perfect accompaniment to a raw red-meat bikini, but only time will tell if it will make a success on our high streets.

Gaga fans might be a bit apprehensive about dousing themselves in her odd odour but they’ll certainly be snapping up her new album Born this Way which is out on May 23rd.  

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