Eau de Bieber

It seems Justin Bieber will stop at nothing in his bid to take over the international beauty industry. Not content with inspiring a range of nail varnishes, the pop wunderkind has announced that he will be creating his very own fragrance for boys and girls, reports industry bible WWD.

Not one to follow in other people’s footsteps, the Biebster has decided to do away with the standard bottle format (very 2009 dahhling) and has instead teamed up with new company Etoile Nation Beauty to produce wristbands and dog tags infused with the unisex fragrance which is called My World.

According to Michael Ferrara, president of Etoile, the scent will stay strong for at least one year, and is set to hit Wal Mart shelves in November. Sadly there are no details about distribution outside the US yet, but our guess is that if the concept takes off it will be only a short wait for UK Beliebers.

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