Easy hairstyles for parties

For an office party, a Christmas do or a wedding, there is nothing better to complete and enhance our personal style than a remarkable party hairstyle. If you need something different for a special occasion, then this post is for you: find out more about easy hairstyles for parties.

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If you want to awe and surprise everybody, transform your medium length hair into an exceptional romantic updo! With pretty curls gathered and pinned up on top of the head, and a loose thick fringe that frames the face, this is a sweet style that will suit a wedding or prom but can be adapted to any occasion as long as it matches your outfit. So, for instance, if you are going for a country, vintage or pinup look, this updo is perfect for you.

To style it, start by smoothing down some bangs to the side using a hair straightener, then curl up the rest of your hair using a curling iron and hairspray. Gather the main section of hair from the bangs to behind the ears, leaving out the side bangs and the hair on the nape. Tie up the main section into a high ponytail. Now spread and arrange the ponytail curls all around using bobby pins. Arrange them into a lovely round shape, making sure the base of the ponytail is well firm – add extra pins where required. Finally, pull up the remaining section of hairs at the back and pin it into the ponytail.

Do you need a party style for short hair? Even the urban cool crop or elegant bob can be versatile, the secret is style it differently, aiming at extra glamour: for instance, slick your hair back, texturing the front for volume, and adding some streaks of hair glitter for the wow factor!

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